Eastern Shawnee Professional Services

Eastern Shawnee Professional Services (ESPS) is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients. Our tribally owned status introduces agility, innovation, and expedited contracting into our business model, making us a formidable partner in the federal contracting arena. We excel in managing complex projects with meticulous precision and unwavering dedication, ensuring successful execution and maximum client value. Choosing ESPS means partnering with a firm that is not only committed to excellence but also driven by tangible results, leveraging our market expertise and innovative solutions to surpass project expectations. Our commitment to lasting partnerships is founded on mutual respect and shared success, focusing on delivering results that truly matter.

Unique Advantages

Tribally Owned Business Status. ESPS is an 8(a) certified Indian Small Business Economic Enterprise (ISBEE), gaining preference under the Buy Indian Act and eligibility for the Indian Incentive Program. This status ensures expedited federal contracting processes, providing our clients with unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Expert Team. ESPS boasts a team with over 150 years of combined experience in the federal market and the 8(a) sector. Our subject matter experts, spanning accounting, human resources, marketing, business development, legal entity management, 8(a) applications, and SBA compliance, are not just skilled professionals but also passionate advocates of the ESTO’s cultural heritage. This synergy of expertise and cultural values ensures we deliver insightful, culturally informed solutions.

Commitment to Excellence. Our foundation of resilience and innovation, inherited from the ESTO, empowers ESPS to manage and deliver complex, sophisticated solutions. With a strategic approach to project management and problem-solving, we consistently achieve outstanding results, enriched by our unique tribal perspective.

Cultural Integrity and Innovation. Drawing from the ESTO’s rich traditions and history, ESPS is rooted in a culture of integrity, community, and innovation. This foundation influences our business approach, ensuring our services are both effective and reflective of our strong cultural values.

Core Capabilities

Information Technology

Providing technology and security audits, IT managed services and specialized staffing services for building out IT teams.


Comprehensive audiovisual solutions including design, procurement, installation, maintenance, and support services.


Reliable geospatial solutions through leading-edge technology and customer service.



Utilizing scientific expertise to provide environmental investigations, remediation, and hazardous materials surveys.


Experienced in recruiting and staff augmentation to find the best talent on the market.

Fractional executive services to assist our tribal clients navigate the 8(a)-certification application process.

Connect with Eastern Shawnee Companies

Arthur McKinney

General Manager

(785) 249-2368